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Palais des Congres, Paris Events: Swan Lake in April & Joe Bonamassa in May

3 February 2017

The World’s Most Famous Ballet and a Certified Blues Rock Legend Arrive in Paris.

Patrons of the Arts are in for a treat this April, as the Russian National Opera perform the world’s best loved ballet, Swan Lake… and music lovers can see one of the greatest guitarists of all time, as Blues Rock legend Joe Bonamassa prepares to electrify the stage at Palais des Congres.

Swan Lake - The Russian National Opera

2nd April - 9th April 2017

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After the resounding success of their 2015 and 2016 Swan Lake tours, the dance company and orchestra of The Russian National Opera return to Palais des Congres to perform their interpretation of this age old classic.

The zenith of traditional ballet repertoire, Swan Lake divulges a true tale of tragic romance; as love, deceit and ultimately death combine with the haunting and unforgettable score by Tchaikovsky, to deliver one of the most technically and emotionally challenging of all ballets.

For their 2017 reimagining of the production, The Russian National Opera will take inspiration from the choreography of the 1895 version of Swan Lake, by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. This portrayal is known the world over for the twinned role of the radiant White Swan (Odette), and the duplicitous Black Swan (Odile); in what is arguably the most demanding role ever created, drawing on the full range of the ballerina’s powers - particularly in the two great pas de deux of Acts II and III.

Other highlights of this version include the majestic dance of the Little Swans; in which the flight of swans glide in perfect formation over the moonlit lake. This delicate scene is made all the more alluring through the virtuoso of the costume designer, as the outfits of the swans oscillate in perfect unison; and the shimmering fabrics seemingly come to life with the optimal lighting, emitting an almost dreamlike aura.

Historically, Swan Lake wasn’t always as loved as it is today. Its debut in 1877 was poorly received, but the 1895 rejuvenation by Petipa transformed the ballet into the masterpiece it has become; now residing proudly as the world’s most revered production… making it a must-see this April when The Russian National Opera take to the stage of Palais des Congres between 2nd April - 9th April; with tickets for the event starting at €42.

Joe Bonamassa

4th May 2017

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Inspired by British blues rock records by Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton (the latter he would later share a stage with), Joe Bonamassa was hailed as a genuine guitar prodigy before he was even a teenager; and at age 12 he would embark on a tour with B.B. King, opening 20 shows for the undisputed ‘King of the Blues’ in 1989.

Since then the guitarist has never looked back, and his career to date has seen him carry on the legacy of blues rock started by his idols; achieving sixteen #1 Billboard Blues Albums, with his ‘Different Shades of Blue’ penetrating the Top 10 Billboard Album Chart, elevating the genre of blues rock into the mainstream.

Above all else, Bonamassa lives to play live; spending over 200 nights of the year on tour. Wherever he plays, whether it be stateside or in the never-regions of a faraway distant land, as soon as he steps on stage - with vintage guitar in hand (often a Les Paul) - the crowd is sent into ruptures in anticipation of the masterclass they are about to witness.

On the evening you can expect to hear all of his greatest hits, namely from the ‘Different Shades of Blue’ - but the lynchpin of a night with Joe lies in his renditions of the greats. Spanning the back catalogues of the likes of Clapton, Beck and Page, he delivers masterful interpretations, full of unique wizardry… somehow managing to make untouchable classics his own.

In particular, his Jeff Beck cover of “Blues Deluxe” and the acoustic “Woke up Dreaming” are the songs that exemplify just how attuned Bonamassa is to his guitar – and often for these performances he occupies the stage alone, armed only with his guitar, breaking off into inconceivable solos for what seems like forever.

Joe is undoubtedly the star of the show; but when he is joined on stage, the combination of Reese Wynans on keyboard, Anton Fig on drums and Michael Rhodes on bass compliment the guitar virtuoso amicably, playing their part in an evening of musical ingenuity - in which they too share in some of the limelight, breaking off into various solos of their own.

Joe Bonamassa plays Paris for one night only on 4th May, with tickets starting at €66.40. His European Tour is selling out fast so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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